About PMR

“I loved how flexible they are when it comes to making appointments that work for me. Everybody is so nice.”

Study Volunteer

Peters Medical Research partnering with patients today for tomorrow’s miracles

PMR Is located at 300 Lindsay Street and also works closely with multiple locations in High Point, NC to provide a variety of studies in multiple therapeutic areas and for the  convenience of our participants!

We operate from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday thru Friday. However, our dedicated staff is flexible in working with patients and their schedules. Our staff can be reached at 336-883-9773 during business hours and can be reached after hours for emergencies at 336-880-9423. A staff member is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies or questions and can reach a Physician if necessary.

Our experienced staff conducts clinical research studies in Phase II, III, and IV. Many times some study medications may already be on the market and further information must be gathered because the medications may be useful for another disease. All clinical studies are overseen by a Physician. The Food and Drug Administration approves the guidelines for the studies and reviews the data collected before new medications reach the market.

Our doctors are certified in clinical research in addition to their credentials to practice medicine. They are recognized by the research community as professional and knowledge in their fields. These providers direct the study coordinators working closely with them to provide the best care possible for study participants.

Qualified participants could receive free study medication and health care related to the study such as endoscopy, X-rays, colonoscopy, pulmonary function test, diabetic testing, EKG, or laboratory tests at no cost. In addition they may be compensated for time and travel. Your participation provides valuable information that may one day provide a cure for a disease. By participating in a research study, you are helping others.

We value each of our participants for their contribution to help make a brighter tomorrow and thank you for giving of yourselves! Volunteers are true heros!

All treatment options start with Clinical Research. Help be a part of todays treatment so that tomorrow has a future!